Living in a suitcase – How to save time and space

Sometimes it can be challenging if you do travels for a living, say you work on different locations or have meetings all over the world. These trips requires light packing but also a well planed one. Either you are a man or a woman  these tips will ease up your frustration when you wish you’ve had packed different. If you feel like staying at a hotel instead then is a good start to check out. But hey, its a bit more expensive then couchsurfing.

  1. Roll not fold – You actually save more space when you roll your clothes instead of folding them in your bag.  Another tip to save some space in your suitcase is by keeping your socks in your extra pair of shoes.
  2. Limit your liquid – Every hotel has free toileteries that is meant for you to have. Instead of bringing your all favorite hair products make sure to bring the most necessary. If you know that you wont have time for a shower between your arrival and your meetings, pack dry shampoo, anti frizz oil and a comb in your handbag for a quickfix.
  3. Importent business dinner – Every trip deserves to finish off with an exclusive business dinner but to look proper while having your clothes rolled up can be hard to achieve if not for these tips. To keep your business shirts dinner and meeting-ready, pack a belt under the collars of your shirts, it save both time and space.
  4. Preparing for the dinnerSo now you are at the hotel preparing for that importent business dinner and your outfit is all wrinkled from the travel. Not to worry! Hang the garment on a hanger close to your shower, jump into the hot shower, when your done showering place the hanger in the shower and let the steam from the hot water straighten your garment.
  5. Style you Basics – The biggest mistake we do when packing is to bring plenty of clothing options. Let the accessories change and spice up your everyday outfits.  Instead of bringing different pants,dresses or shirts you can focus more on basic colors and different accessories like bags or jackets to remake the outfit.
  6. Jewelry for every occasion – Pretty similar to tip 5 but if you do want different jewelrys for each day you can buy a pill box example this cheap one from Amazon and put your bracelets, rings or earrings for different occasions in there. And you never have to deal with tangled chains.