Explore wellinspiring stores-Gothenburg

If you’re not into the whole shop-in-mall situation I will name drop a few stores in Gothenburg worth visiting while staying. The purpose and style of these shops is more exclusive and when you enter the shop you’re not only getting inspired you are getting a warm and caring impression from the staff and environment of style.

  1. Massimodutti – Östra Hamngatan 52

    This shop is both men and women’s clothing. Style: Casual luxury with some costumes.

  2. ABCD  – Västra Hamngatan 19

    A mix of regular and close business relations with the most prestigious high fashion brands in Europe.

  3. Holmens Herr – Kungsportsavenyn 31-35

    Costumes for men, do you need a costume or jacket for your business meeting? This store has a lot to offer.

  4. John Henric – Kungsportsavenyn 23

    If you have been to Holmens Herr and didn’t find that perfect tie or shirt, there is still hope in this nearby store. This environment is stylish, colorful and inspiring to be in.

  5. Zara – Kungsgatan 52 & Drottninggatan 44

    Zara has expanded quickly so you might have been to this store before or heard of it. It’s a little bit cheaper than the rest of the stores in this list but yet very stylish clothes here.

  6. Nespresso boutique – Kungsportsavenyen 31

    This is not a clothing store but this store needs to be on this list. If you walking on the Avenue you have to visit this coffee store. The staff is real good and you feel so welcome and inspired walking in this store, make sure to try some free coffee while you’re at it.

  7. Pierre Gent’s Shop – Kristinelundsgatan 10

    Another good men suit store.

  8. Rizzo – Kungsportsavenyen 17

    Are you in desperate need of gloves or maybe you forgot to pack an umbrella or need shoes, Rizzo is a high fashion store for your accessories.

  9. Gillblad – Korsgatan 14

    Organization is A&O in this store, the clothes are lined up in colour coding and everything is straighten, you can’t see the smallest piece of dust in this store. And the clothes is brilliant.

  10. Åhléns – Kungsgatan 35

    Åhléns is a warehouse of usually 3 floors, you can find everything here but it’s not like K-mart or Macy’s, the pricing is average >.