How to make your coworkers listen to you

Have you tried talking to an audience with no one listening to you or dozing off after a while? Do you want to learn how to speak with dedication, interest and inspire your co workers. With a few easy steps you can master your speaking skills and make your co worker get interested in what you have to say.

Maybe you have been to a lecture where the man who talks is so drab that you wonder if this is his first lecture? I think we all have in some point. One of the tips is to speak with variation. Here is your list:

  • Involving your audience – Ask questions, listen to them and make them feel important, like they also have a say.
  • Customize your message – Every person you talk to have a desire to do what they feel like, if you know that you are talking to a certain person change the way you present the message.
  • Don’t be self-absorbed – Dont only talk from your perspective or lament you in front of your co workers, they will not respect you.
  • Be helpful – Even if you are the boss be humble and help your co workers with whatever.
  • Never tell people they are wrong – But when you are wrong, to admit.
  • Make eye contact –  When you speak with someone and they can’t look you directly in the eye there is a big chance the person are shy but this gesture gives a signal of lying. So if you want someone to trust you, look them in the eye while speaking to them.
  • Have a point and stick to it – To talk to a person who are speaking of everything they are thinking of at that moment is really frustrating. Don’t talk in loops and make your point.
  • Don’t use one tone the entire speech – Like I said before, speak with variation.
  • Speak from your heart – All the best speakers are those who inspire and know what they are talking about. If you’re passionate about your subject the listeners will be too.

This is a great site to watch more tip —