Do something together and make your co-workers a dream team

If your company are going on a conference for the weekend you might need to plan something else then just meetings and lectures for the team otherwise the whole weekend will be a draft. This time is a good opportunity to make your co-workers get together and practise teambuilding skills.

Here is a list of things and places you can try together:

  1. VR-fight. This fun challange for your team is located in Stockholm, a 2 hours long play with a maximum of 40 players. Make your co-workers fight together in a virtual reality.
  2. Brainstorming – A classic challenge for conferences to use your brains and at the same time compete together.
  3. Easy small games – If your more focused on lectures this weekend and feeling that you don’t have the time for big activitys there is always many fun 5 minutes game you and your co-workers could try under the coffee breaks.
  4. QR-hunting – This you can do anywhere, you just need a QR-reader in your phone or templates and QR codes hiding places, Select 2-4 teams and let them go out for a search.
  5. Walk and talk/Yoga – What is a more natural way to get to know your team on then some exercise in a relaxing environment? This conference place offers a beautiful garden to do all kinds of activities in when you feel your brain is giving up.