Prepare for 400 years party

Sure it’s a few years ahead but Gothenburg is turning 400 years 2021. Gothenburg have something special planned for this year and a lot of constructions will be finished in time for this town party. Gothenburg wants to do something special every year till the big birthday party as a countdown.

A few of the activities has been listed already and for every month a new activity will show. This two events are happening right now..

Gothenburg Art 21 – Gothenburg are planning a 21 km long art string and whomever are allowed to enter the competition to be in the race of putting her or his art piece on the string. There will be a price. More info here!

Avenyn Block Party – The Avenue of Gothenburg will have a block party during May 13th 2017. This will be a tribute of coming years. There will be DJs, art shows, and lots of other activities.


More information can be found here! Stay Tuned.