Prepare for 400 years party

Sure it’s a few years ahead but Gothenburg is turning 400 years 2021. Gothenburg have something special planned for this year and a lot of constructions will be finished in time for this town party. Gothenburg wants to do something special every year till the big birthday party as a countdown.

A few of the activities has been listed already and for every month a new activity will show. This two events are happening right now..

Gothenburg Art 21 – Gothenburg are planning a 21 km long art string and whomever are allowed to enter the competition to be in the race of putting her or his art piece on the string. There will be a price. More info here!

Avenyn Block Party – The Avenue of Gothenburg will have a block party during May 13th 2017. This will be a tribute of coming years. There will be DJs, art shows, and lots of other activities.


More information can be found here! Stay Tuned.


Events and Business fairs in Sweden – August


Formex – August 23 – August 26

Formex is the largest interior design trade fair for Nordic design located at Stockholmsmässan, Stockholm. Owners and visitors around the world comes to this event to get inspired, trade ideas and connect with likeminded people.

It is a great opportunity if you are new to the retail concept and are thinking of starting a business. You can either go as a visitor or if you already have a business and want to promote your business you can rent a stand.

You can find more information here! 

Stockholm Fashion Week – 30 August – 1 September

If you are into fashion it is a good chans you might want to go to this event. Fashionweek is running its second year in Stockholm, Berns Salonger and Kulturhuset Stadsteatern in the heart of the city. It’s the top leading fashion show in Northern Europe and the show and the show is held twice a year.


Sy- & Hantverksfestivalen – 25-27 augusti 2017

Sy- & Hantverksfestivalen is a consumer fair for anyone passioned for crafts! You can either come as a visitor or have your crafts exhibit. This is a nice way to meet new people and grow your crafting skills.


Nordic Profile Fair – 16-17 August

Nordic Profile fair is a Gift and profile fair for the whole industry it’s a two days event with mingle afterwards. For more information click on the link in the header.

5 Restaurants while visit Stockholm

Stockholm is a beautiful city to be in right now. The cherry blossom trees at Kungsträdgården is blooming and lots of restaurants starting their outdoor seatings. Here is a list of a few restaurants and coffee shops in Stockholm, ether you like seafood or BBQ or Swedish home cooking. Don’t go starving!

  1. Lilla Ego – If you like Scandinavian food and would like to go out for dinner you might like this one. The restaurange is located in Vasastan and is a classic choice for most of the inhabitant.
  2. Stockholm Fisk -If you like luxury and seafood this is the place for you, eat with class. Located in city central not far from the trainstation.
  3. Coffe&Co – Mix business with coffee, this place does both conference locals and coffee shop!
  4. Flippin’ Burgers – Are you craving real American burgers? Then this will be a huge hit. This American inspired restaurant is a must if you’re in Stockholm and crave burgers.
  5. Foodtrucks – And finaly, if you don’t have time for a real meal and are on the run, Stockholm has many many foodtrucks, everywhere. If you are starving after your business meeting and can’t find a truck at your location, just search for one at the foodtrucks homepage and you will find one sooner then later.

Bon Appetit!



A walk in the park

Even if you’re only here for the day or just a few hours there are some areas you should know about. Are you like me and love the city and want to spend as much time outdoor, around people, as possible but still think it can be overwhelming with all the noises going on from the traffic? Mabye you been around people all day and just want a nice quiet place to  do some reading or writing at without spilling any daylight?

You can find a lot of parks and town squares around Gothenburg. Everything from Botanical Garden with lots of flowers to Actionpark if you’re into scateboarding or just a quiet park with a fantastic view over Gothenburg for reading and writing, Keillers park . The biggest and most popular park in Gothenburg are called Slottsskogen and is a 10 minute tramstop away from citycenter. In this park you can do all kinds of activities and the park has an area of 137 hectare. This famous park is filled with historical places, animal yards, running tracks, playgrounds, plenty of lawns for picnics and football playing and beachvolleyboll field. And the best part of all, it’s free!

”When the sun comes out, so does the people of Gothenburg”


Gothenburg – An inspiring city

Have you been to Gothenburg before? If not, and you are thinking of traveling here don’t waist any more time. Spring is a fantastic season to be traveling around Sweden in general. Lots of events is coming up the next few month.  Get ready to welcome spring in Gothenburg with a handfull of events, activities and concerts.  Discover the garden compound (Horticultural Gardens) in central city right next to our famous football stadium Ullevi. While you’re at it don’t forget to visit the adorable coffeeshop Rosenkaféet, inside the garden. A few tram-stops away there is a lovely hotel called Lorensberg, Lorensberg is a part of central Gothenburg and is a perfect meetingplace for conecting with new people.

If you are on a business trip in Gothenburg there is a few places you will be happy to know about.

Language Coffee Shop at Esperantoplatse

Not far from the conference facility GTS konferens & festvåning there is this coffeeshop for international meetings. Lots of people around the world who are either backpacking, studying or is here  on conference comes to this meetingplace to conect with eachother. A perfect way to get inspired and enjoy a low-priced cop of coffee .


Gothenburgs biggest lobby for working and reading together. It’s a free entrance and the best part of all, the position of the libery. When you’re done working just take a refreshing stroll down the Avenue and enjoy one of many coffeeshops around the area.

Lindholmen Street Food Market and Göteborgs vin och deli

If you are in the aria and want a bite of something special Lindholmen is providing a festival during the month of April. The yearly street food market and wine & deli fair is on it’s way and lots of people from all around are gathered together for this special event. Meet and Eat as they say.  A perfect place to visit for a nice afterwork prehaps, close to the seaside hotel Waterfront  with a beautiful view over Gothenburg Harbour.

Let spring inspire you to be part of something greater and enjoy Gothenburgs lifestyle!



Do something together and make your co-workers a dream team

If your company are going on a conference for the weekend you might need to plan something else then just meetings and lectures for the team otherwise the whole weekend will be a draft. This time is a good opportunity to make your co-workers get together and practise teambuilding skills.

Here is a list of things and places you can try together:

  1. VR-fight. This fun challange for your team is located in Stockholm, a 2 hours long play with a maximum of 40 players. Make your co-workers fight together in a virtual reality.
  2. Brainstorming – A classic challenge for conferences to use your brains and at the same time compete together.
  3. Easy small games – If your more focused on lectures this weekend and feeling that you don’t have the time for big activitys there is always many fun 5 minutes game you and your co-workers could try under the coffee breaks.
  4. QR-hunting – This you can do anywhere, you just need a QR-reader in your phone or templates and QR codes hiding places, Select 2-4 teams and let them go out for a search.
  5. Walk and talk/Yoga – What is a more natural way to get to know your team on then some exercise in a relaxing environment? This conference place offers a beautiful garden to do all kinds of activities in when you feel your brain is giving up.




Learn how to behave a Swedish businessmeeting

Are you on a conference trip in Sweden and wonder how to act proper in a Swedish meeting? Different culture have different standards even though Swedish people are pretty simple but direct.  Follow these tips and you will win them over in a minute.

  • Greeting. Every business meeting starts and finish with a handshake. This applies to everyone; men and women; adults and children.
  • Punctuality. Being on time is important in every situation, in business as in social life. Punctuality shows respect and efficiency in Sweden. Swedes like to plan ahead and  make schedules. Don’t be surprised if they make a deadline set during meeting.
  • Take notes or record. It is pretty common to take notes or record meetings in sweden this just to remember what came up during the meeting. Make sure to bring a notepad and a penn to the meeting so you seem interested.
  • Consensus. Swedish people are afraid of doing something wrong and agree to something fast without consoling with others. Consensus process is a way for the swedes to include more people in the decision making.

Over all Swedish people are very friendly but can sound a bit harsh and brusque but don’t take it personal, the are often stressing and find meetings unease. Don’t forget that every coin has two sides and this information is not necessarily accurate for all swedes.

If you want to read more about Swedish meetings you can click here or here.

Living in a suitcase – How to save time and space

Sometimes it can be challenging if you do travels for a living, say you work on different locations or have meetings all over the world. These trips requires light packing but also a well planed one. Either you are a man or a woman  these tips will ease up your frustration when you wish you’ve had packed different. If you feel like staying at a hotel instead then is a good start to check out. But hey, its a bit more expensive then couchsurfing.

  1. Roll not fold – You actually save more space when you roll your clothes instead of folding them in your bag.  Another tip to save some space in your suitcase is by keeping your socks in your extra pair of shoes.
  2. Limit your liquid – Every hotel has free toileteries that is meant for you to have. Instead of bringing your all favorite hair products make sure to bring the most necessary. If you know that you wont have time for a shower between your arrival and your meetings, pack dry shampoo, anti frizz oil and a comb in your handbag for a quickfix.
  3. Importent business dinner – Every trip deserves to finish off with an exclusive business dinner but to look proper while having your clothes rolled up can be hard to achieve if not for these tips. To keep your business shirts dinner and meeting-ready, pack a belt under the collars of your shirts, it save both time and space.
  4. Preparing for the dinnerSo now you are at the hotel preparing for that importent business dinner and your outfit is all wrinkled from the travel. Not to worry! Hang the garment on a hanger close to your shower, jump into the hot shower, when your done showering place the hanger in the shower and let the steam from the hot water straighten your garment.
  5. Style you Basics – The biggest mistake we do when packing is to bring plenty of clothing options. Let the accessories change and spice up your everyday outfits.  Instead of bringing different pants,dresses or shirts you can focus more on basic colors and different accessories like bags or jackets to remake the outfit.
  6. Jewelry for every occasion – Pretty similar to tip 5 but if you do want different jewelrys for each day you can buy a pill box example this cheap one from Amazon and put your bracelets, rings or earrings for different occasions in there. And you never have to deal with tangled chains.

Explore wellinspiring stores-Gothenburg

If you’re not into the whole shop-in-mall situation I will name drop a few stores in Gothenburg worth visiting while staying. The purpose and style of these shops is more exclusive and when you enter the shop you’re not only getting inspired you are getting a warm and caring impression from the staff and environment of style.

  1. Massimodutti – Östra Hamngatan 52

    This shop is both men and women’s clothing. Style: Casual luxury with some costumes.

  2. ABCD  – Västra Hamngatan 19

    A mix of regular and close business relations with the most prestigious high fashion brands in Europe.

  3. Holmens Herr – Kungsportsavenyn 31-35

    Costumes for men, do you need a costume or jacket for your business meeting? This store has a lot to offer.

  4. John Henric – Kungsportsavenyn 23

    If you have been to Holmens Herr and didn’t find that perfect tie or shirt, there is still hope in this nearby store. This environment is stylish, colorful and inspiring to be in.

  5. Zara – Kungsgatan 52 & Drottninggatan 44

    Zara has expanded quickly so you might have been to this store before or heard of it. It’s a little bit cheaper than the rest of the stores in this list but yet very stylish clothes here.

  6. Nespresso boutique – Kungsportsavenyen 31

    This is not a clothing store but this store needs to be on this list. If you walking on the Avenue you have to visit this coffee store. The staff is real good and you feel so welcome and inspired walking in this store, make sure to try some free coffee while you’re at it.

  7. Pierre Gent’s Shop – Kristinelundsgatan 10

    Another good men suit store.

  8. Rizzo – Kungsportsavenyen 17

    Are you in desperate need of gloves or maybe you forgot to pack an umbrella or need shoes, Rizzo is a high fashion store for your accessories.

  9. Gillblad – Korsgatan 14

    Organization is A&O in this store, the clothes are lined up in colour coding and everything is straighten, you can’t see the smallest piece of dust in this store. And the clothes is brilliant.

  10. Åhléns – Kungsgatan 35

    Åhléns is a warehouse of usually 3 floors, you can find everything here but it’s not like K-mart or Macy’s, the pricing is average >.

How to make your coworkers listen to you

Have you tried talking to an audience with no one listening to you or dozing off after a while? Do you want to learn how to speak with dedication, interest and inspire your co workers. With a few easy steps you can master your speaking skills and make your co worker get interested in what you have to say.

Maybe you have been to a lecture where the man who talks is so drab that you wonder if this is his first lecture? I think we all have in some point. One of the tips is to speak with variation. Here is your list:

  • Involving your audience – Ask questions, listen to them and make them feel important, like they also have a say.
  • Customize your message – Every person you talk to have a desire to do what they feel like, if you know that you are talking to a certain person change the way you present the message.
  • Don’t be self-absorbed – Dont only talk from your perspective or lament you in front of your co workers, they will not respect you.
  • Be helpful – Even if you are the boss be humble and help your co workers with whatever.
  • Never tell people they are wrong – But when you are wrong, to admit.
  • Make eye contact –  When you speak with someone and they can’t look you directly in the eye there is a big chance the person are shy but this gesture gives a signal of lying. So if you want someone to trust you, look them in the eye while speaking to them.
  • Have a point and stick to it – To talk to a person who are speaking of everything they are thinking of at that moment is really frustrating. Don’t talk in loops and make your point.
  • Don’t use one tone the entire speech – Like I said before, speak with variation.
  • Speak from your heart – All the best speakers are those who inspire and know what they are talking about. If you’re passionate about your subject the listeners will be too.

This is a great site to watch more tip —